NSUN’s July 2023 articles & blogs roundup

Here are all the articles, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts (and more) that we’ve shared in our weekly bulletins this month. The main focus of this section in our bulletin is to share new, first person pieces written or made by people within and beyond our membership who have lived experience of mental ill-health, trauma, or distress, as well as relevant articles about news and policy in mental health from sources such as Disability News Service.

We’ll be posting this roundup at the end of each month as a way to further bring together, amplify and also archive current, lived experience-focussed voices and perspectives in mental health.

Micha Frazer-Carroll: Making Mental Illness Political
A podcast episode by Red Medicine via Spotify.

Self-Harm Community Consultation
A report by Courtney Buckler, Veronica Heney and Bathsheba Wells Dion via Make Space.

NSUN’s June 2023 articles & blogs roundup
A blog via the NSUN website.

Book Review: ‘Mad World: The Politics of Mental Health’ by Micha Frazer-Carroll
A book review by Julia Macintosh via the NSUN blog.

A Critical History of Co-Production
An article by Pete Fleischmann via Co-Production Works.

Government criticised again over lack of proper engagement with disabled people
An article by John Pring via Disability News Service.

What does the Major Conditions Strategy mean for mental health?
An article by Mary Sadid and Kieran Lewis via NSUN.

Telegraph articles ‘legitimise’ hate speech, disabled activists tell TUC conference
An article by John Pring via Disability News Service.

A Toolkit for Creating Radically Inclusive Grassroots Events
A document by the Transgender Professional Association for Transgender Health (TPATH).

Peer support has a history
Text of a talk given by Mark Brown at the CNWL Lived Experience Practice National Conference.

Learning and Loving Together
Podcast episode from Surviving Society’s “The Role of Love in Social Justice Work” series.

MPs launch inquiry into DWP safeguarding, after decade of deaths
An article by John Pring via Disability News Service.

Tackling the erosion of compassion in acute mental health services
Article by Elisa Liberati, Natalie Richards, Sahanika Ratnayake, John Gibson, and Graham Martin in the BMJ.

‘She had ligated to get the attention of staff’: how is Oxevision enabling poor practice on psychiatric wards?
A blog by and via Stop Oxevision.

Creativity and Mental Health: Still Ill Corona Diary (Podcast)
A podcast by NSUN via the NSUN blog.

Self harm care: A community consultation
A blog by Courtney Buckler, Bathsheba Wells-Dion and Veronica Heney via Cost of Living.

A private spy on the ward
A blog by Ruth Hunt via the Morning Star Online.

“The struggle gotta come from our heart” (Part 1): Healing justice & resistance in the ends
A blog by Alex Augustin via Medium.

Radicals in Conversation: Mad World: The Politics of Mental Health
A podcast by Pluto Press via PodBean.

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