AGMs, Members’ Events & Exhibitions

NSUN runs events for members throughout the year – sign up as a member to be sent information about all of NSUN’s events, including our Monthly Network Meetings and other events like research launch events and training sessions. This page relates specifically to NSUN’s AGMs & Members’ Events.

Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

Every year, NSUN has an AGM, a formal meeting that provides an overview of the charity’s position, including its finances, and is where members vote on motions, such as appointing trustees. You can view minutes of previous AGMs on our Governance & Finance page. AGMs are open to full NSUN members (individuals and user-led groups), who will receive an invitation to attend and to vote (including the invitation to vote by proxy) each year.

NSUN Members’ Events

In 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023, before we began hosting monthly events for members, NSUN held annual Members’ Events online. These were one or two day-long events with a mixture of sessions such as panel discussions.

We were able to record a lot of the sessions: you can watch them via the links below (or directly via our YouTube playlists). You can also find links below to the annual virtual creative exhibitions of artwork by NSUN members that we put together each year.

NSUN Members’ Event 2023

Recorded sessions were:
  • Peer support and activism: radical roots & radical futures
  • Surveillance & data sharing in mental health care
  • Abolition & mental health with Synergi: reimagining and building alternatives

NSUN Members’ Event 2022

Recorded session:
  • Telling the story of survivor history and activism

NSUN Members’ Event 2021

Recorded sessions were:
  • Mad knowledge as an act of resistance: opening keynote by Rai Waddingham
  • Beyond beneficiaries: resourcing user-led groups 
  • Democratising mental health policy: who does the work, who gets the recognition?
  • Care as resistance in queer communities
  • “Lived Experience Leadership”
  • Podcast with the StopSIM coalition

NSUN Members’ Event 2020

Recorded sessions included:
  • LGBTQ+ and survivor activism
  • The needs of user-led groups
  • Youth lived experience activism