Donate to NSUN or NSUN members

Donating to NSUN helps us support our members and fulfil our mission.

You can now choose to make a one-off or regular donation to one of the following:

  1. NSUN’s work
  2. Our small grants fund for user-led groups. These donations will be ringfenced and will go directly to user-led groups when we run our next small grants programme
  3. misery, one of NSUN’s hosted projects
  4. Synergi, one of NSUN’s hosted projects

Here’s how your donation could help us:

  • Our weekly bulletin costs around £350 a week to produce and distribute because of staff and platform costs. Any donations towards this allows us to keep sending our weekly roundup of news, events, and opportunities from the mental health lived experience landscape to our members
  • A monthly £10 donation to our ringfenced “small grants fund” would, over a year, help us to make a small grant to one of our user-led group members
  • Receiving three donations of £50 would allow us to commission a member with lived experience to write a blog to be published on our Members’ Blog
  • A donation of £100 enables us to fund a paid place for someone with lived experience at a research focus group, allowing us to influence the mental health policy landscape, or pay a guest speaker to join us at one of our events
  • If we receive £5,000 in donations, we could fund one or two member-led projects, such as survivor research projects or user-led campaigns

A donation of any size will help NSUN continue our work to connect, support and amplify the voices and work of our members: grassroots, user-led mental health groups and people with lived experience of mental ill-health, trauma, and distress.

Please contact us if you have any questions about donating.

With sincere thanks to our previous, current and future supporters,

The NSUN Team

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