NSUN’s June 2023 articles & blogs roundup

Here are all the articles, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts (and more) that we shared in our weekly bulletins in the month of June. The main focus of this section in our bulletin is to share new, first person pieces written or made by people within and beyond our membership who have lived experience of mental ill-health, trauma, or distress, as well as relevant articles about news and policy in mental health from sources such as Disability News Service.

We’ll be posting this roundup at the end of each month as a way to further bring together, amplify and also archive current, lived experience-focussed voices and perspectives in mental health.

A decade after the Tories demonised disabled people on benefits, it’s happening again
An article by Frances Ryan via the Guardian.

Mark Rowley is right – police belong nowhere near mental health crises
An article by Benny Hunter via openDemocracy.

A short film by Dolly Sen.

Police Cutting Back on Mental Health Calls Shows How Badly we Need Alternatives
An article by Jessica Pandian and Amy Wells via huck.

Book Review: Gargi Bhattacharyya’s We, the Heartbroken
A book review by Nadheem Singh via the NSUN blog.

Neoliberalism, Security and the Politics of Mental Health
An event recording by Medact via YouTube.

An Epistle of Cruelty: Life in the parallel shadow penal state of the DWP
An article via Recovery in the Bin.

illness #1 w/Micha Frazer-Carroll, Amber Husain, Matt Colquhoun
A podcast episode by Red Medicine via Spotify.

A blog by Lea Cooper via the wellcome collection.

Using participatory action research methods to address epistemic injustice within mental health research and the mental health system
An article by Roisin Mooney, Clair Dempsey, Brian J. Brown, Frank Keating, Doreen Joseph and Kamaldeep Bhui via frontiers.

Japan’s Radical Alternative to Psychiatric Diagnosis
An article by Satsuki Ayaya and Junko Kitanaka via aeon.

Our Family Was Forged in Fire
An article by Rai Waddingham via Tribe.

Watchdog receives hundreds of complaints over Telegraph’s ‘toxic’ benefits article
An article by John Pring via Disability News Service.

Alcohol and suicide: insights from LGBTQ+ communities’ experiences
A report via the Samaritans.

This new book examines whether capitalism really is driving us all mad
An interview with Micha Frazer-Caroll by by Adele Walton via Dazed.

Calling some people a ‘burden’ provides a cover story for welfare state violence
An article by China Mills via Healing Justice Ldn.

Not My Words, Not My Story
A blog by Julia Buxton via Asylum Magazine.

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