Our People

The NSUN team works remotely from across the country. Flexible support for the core team is currently also provided by freelance Associates. The Board of Trustees oversee the strategic leadership and direction of the charity.

Core team

A photo of Alaina smiling at the camera

Alaina Heath (she/her)

Synergi Project Officer

Amy Wells (she/her)

Senior Communications & Membership Manager

Azania McFarlane (she/her)

Synergi Grants Officer

A photo of Debbie smiling at the camera

Debbie Solomon (she/her)

Synergi Director

Esme Hahlo (she/her)

Operations Manager

Gabrielle Johnson (they/them)

Communications and Membership Manager

Jessica Pons (she/they)

Synergi Programme Manager

Kieran Lewis (he/him)

Rights & Migration Policy Officer

Ruairi White (they/he)

Senior Communities & Grants Manager

Headshot of Sophia

Sophia Cann (she/her)

Synergi Social Media & Communications Officer


Catherine Stone

Administration Associate

Steph Knowles

Associate Finance Director


Aimz Rushton

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Amy Palmer


Aqsa Suleman


Shuranjeet Takhar

Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees

Tasha Suratwala