Tasha Suratwala (she/her)

TaShA (she/her) is an ‘Expert by Experience’ (EbE) and BAME Lead for Mental Health, Eating Disorders, and also a MSc Associate Research Fellow in Mental Health Psychology. Sharing invested interest in the ‘Service User Movement’ through her ‘Lived Experience’ as a South Asian British Survivor Movement, TaShA uses her own Lived Experienced of mental ill-health and trauma in order to support NSUN and its Board of Trustees. TaShA also shares extensive Eating Disorder research and expertise, with a special interest in Anorexia Nervosa, Autism and Restrictive Eating Disorders within minority ethnic community groups.

She is always passionate about creating the right support and understanding within the ‘Mental Health Landscape’ and ‘Service User/Survivor Movement’ and specifically within Ethnic Minority communities. TaShA looks forward to being a Board Member of NSUN whilst sharing her own user-led research and co-production delivery work as a Patient Public Involvement (PPI) BAME Lead.  She shares commitment, hope and integrity to support and aspire to improve a caring and compassionate culture for all.