NSUN’s September 2023 articles & blogs roundup

Here are all the articles, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts (and more) that we’ve shared in our weekly bulletins this month. The main focus of this section in our bulletin is to share new, first person pieces written or made by people within and beyond our membership who have lived experience of mental ill-health, trauma, or distress, as well as relevant articles about news and policy in mental health from sources such as Disability News Service.

We’ll be posting this roundup at the end of each month as a way to further bring together, amplify and also archive current, lived experience-focussed voices and perspectives in mental health.

Turning toward the people who are not safe
An article by Heather Cobb via the NSUN blog.

Vital conference will discuss disabled people’s pre-election demands
An article by John Pring via Disability News Service.

NSUN’s August 2023 articles & blogs roundup
All the blogs, articles, podcasts and more shared in the August NSUN bulletins in one place, via the NSUN website.

Mad World w/ Micha Frazer-Carroll
Podcast episode and transcript via Death Panel

Sticking to the Rules: Safe for Who?
A blog by Eleanor via NSUN

Self-harm: misunderstandings about harm minimisation
Blog post version of a thread by Wren Aves via NSUN

No surveillance in healthcare: NSUN’s response to proposed data sharing between NHSE & the Home Office
Article by Kieran Lewis via NSUN

Not the right environment?
Article by Rachel Rowan Olive via Asylum Magazine (sample article from Autumn 2023 issue)

Mad Pride: Spinning hope from fear
Article by Tamara Hart via Asylum Magazine (sample article from Autumn 2023 issue)

Social prescribing for autistic people – an individual view
A blog by Ruth Revell via NSUN.

Surveillance is not safety – an analysis of Essex Partnership’s use of Oxevision and the inconsistency of CQC’s position on the technology
Blog by and via Stop Oxevision.

The Carer (2 parts) – Humanistic Community Mental Health Podcast
Member request, Penny Woolfall on the “CNWL QI” podcast.

Learning the Lessons – The Unequal Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Voices of People and Communities
A publication by National Voices. 

NHS psychiatric wards are video monitoring children and adults 24 hours a day, sparking privacy fears
An article by Patrick Strudwick via iNews.

Problematising Lived Experience
A blog by Scott Fitzpatrick via The ALIVE National Centre for Mental Health Research Translation.