NSUN’s March 2024 articles & blogs roundup

Here are all the articles, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts (and more) that we’ve shared in our weekly bulletins this month. The main focus of this section in our bulletin is to share new, first person pieces written or made by people within and beyond our membership who have lived experience of mental ill-health, trauma, or distress, as well as relevant articles about news and policy in mental health from sources such as Disability News Service.

We’ll be posting this roundup at the end of each month as a way to further bring together, amplify and also archive current, lived experience-focussed voices and perspectives in mental health.

“I’d been there for hours without a face-to-face check being done”
A blog via Stop Oxevision.

Your illness worsens – so care is cut off. This is the scandal playing out in eating disorder treatment
An article by John Harris via the Guardian. 

Empire of Normality. Neurodiversity and Capitalism, Robert Chapman
A review by Lisanne Meinen via Psychiatrie Filosofie.

Actions are stronger than words: We raised our concerns – now it’s time for decision makers to take action
A presentation by Stop Oxevision at the 2024 Digital Technologies Conference in Sheffield.

Storying Self-Harm
An essay by Veronica Heney via The Lancet (free with registration).

Joint letter: financial surveillance powers in Data Protection and Digital Information Bill
An article via NSUN.

DPAC are BACK: mass protest causes chaos in Westminster as disabled people block roads
An article via The Canary.

What would good quality assurance look like in primary care?
A report by and via National Voices. 

Free PDFs on Disability Justice, ableism, and mental health & capitalism
A thread by and via ThePenAndPaper.

NSUN’s February 2024 articles & blogs roundup
A blog by and via NSUN.

Too Much
An article by Zoë Kristin via Asylum Magazine. 

The DWP’s New ‘Back to Work Plan’: What this means and how we can resist it
A blog by Alaina Heath via Synergi Project.

Government’s response to UN committee ‘was insult to disabled people’
Blog by John Pring via Disability News Service.