NSUN’s January 2024 articles & blogs roundup

Here are all the articles, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts (and more) that we’ve shared in our weekly bulletins this month. The main focus of this section in our bulletin is to share new, first person pieces written or made by people within and beyond our membership who have lived experience of mental ill-health, trauma, or distress, as well as relevant articles about news and policy in mental health from sources such as Disability News Service.

We’ll be posting this roundup at the end of each month as a way to further bring together, amplify and also archive current, lived experience-focussed voices and perspectives in mental health.

Identifying the priorities for supervision by lived experience researchers: A Q sort study
A research article by Veenu Gupta, Catrin Eames, Alison Bryant, Beth Greenhill, Laura Golding, Jennifer Day and Peter Fisher via Research Square.

Learning from Mad Knowledge – a trip to Cork
A blog by Jill Anderson via Madzine Research.

Suicide Is Not My Choice, Suicide Is My Captor
A blog by Wren Aves via psychiatryisdrivingmemad.co.uk.

Unlawful Killing: Introduction | Episode 0
A podcast by Inquest via Inquest.

Suicide as slow death: Towards a haunted sociology of suicide
An article by Amy Chandler and Sarah Wright via Sage Journals. 

DWP boss dismisses union warning of mental ill-health ‘epidemic’ and staffing crisis
An article by John Pring via Disability News Service. 

Politicizing Neurodiversity
An interview with Robert Chapman via Mental Hellth. This article requires a free 7-day trial to read in full. 

Deaths unexplained, lives devastated: here’s another national tragedy hidden in plain sight
An article by John Harris via the Guardian. 

Surveillance is not ‘safety’
A blog by Sophina Mariette via the NSUN blog. 

DWP’s 14-year history of dismissing coroners’ concerns over benefit claimant deaths
A blog by John Pring via Disability News Service.