NSUN Annual Report 2020-2021

Screenshot of the title part of our annual report. NSUN logo in top left. Titled "annual report 2020-2021". Caption reads: "we are a network of people and groups with lived experience of mental ill health distress and trauma. we come together to create, challenge, and campaign. Join us". A row of cartoon people line the bottom.

Our 2020-2021 Annual Report has now been published and you can read it here

It includes statements from CEO Akiko Hart and the Chair of the Board of Trustees Angela Newton, an overview of the NSUN Covid-19 Fund, and outlines of the work we’ve done in the past year: peer support, capacity-building, research, policy and influencing, and more.

Through this ongoing turmoil and chaos, NSUN has tried to do practical work. The NSUN Covid-19 Fund was our defining piece of work in 2020/21. We awarded small grants totalling £125,280 to 88 user-led groups and organisations. The fund is NSUN at its core: people doing things, with and as part of their communities.

But this work is also misunderstood and undervalued: part of our role, going forward, is to make the case for what gets called user-led activity to be valued and resourced. In particular, we need to build on the renewed focus on racial justice to ensure that groups led by and for people from racialised communities are centred.

Akiko Hart

"Our year in numbers" infographic of speech bubbles and statistics:
6 reports published
52 bulletins sent
£125,280 funding awarded
588 new members
64 blogs and vlogs published
4 audio interviews
8 media mentions
58,111 individual users on the website
40 interviews and focus groups
20 events spoken at
13,000 twitter followers by year end
81,565 sessions on the website