Mashriq Challenge Resource Centre and COVID-19

MCRC is an organisation in Birmingham that aims to create a safe and welcoming space for disadvantaged South Asian women with mental health issues. They provide peer support through a number of different channels that reduces social isolation which can be particularly felt by older people with multiple long-term conditions. They believe in the power of people supporting each other through similar experiences, mutually giving and receiving help founded on respect and shared responsibility, and know that this can help them overcome problems traditional services may not be able to help with.

Salma Lokat from MCRC tells us about how they also provide culturally sensitive, practical help in the form of hot food and essentials delivered by people who speak languages most commonly used by south Asian women, which is particularly important for women who have no close family or friends around to look after them, or people who do not use technology so can’t find assistance this way. This has been continued during COVID-19 thanks to funding from NSUN.

Find out more by contacting MCRC on or 077911112708