4Pi Involvement Standards

4Pi is a framework for the involvement of service users and carers - in our own care, in our communities, in service delivery and evaluation and in organisational governance and strategy.

  • 4Pi is a simple framework on which to base standards for good practice, and to monitor and evaluate involvement.
  • The framework builds on the work on many people: mental health service users and carers and others who have lived and breathed involvement and shared their experiences in various ways, both written and unwritten.
  • Meaningful involvement means making a difference: it should improve services and improve the mental health, wellbeing and recovery of everyone experiencing mental distress.

  • Principles

    How do we relate to each other?
    Principles and values are the beliefs that influence the way we behave, our choices, and the way we relate to others.


    Why are we involving people?
    Why are we becoming involved?


    Who is involved?
    Are the right people involved in the right places?


    How are people involved?
    How do people feel about the involvement process?


    What difference does involvement make?
    How can we tell that we have made a difference?

  • Case study

    Lincolnshire Partnership Mental Health Foundation Trust: we worked with Lincolnshire PFT over several months to help them consult with service users, carers and staff in developing an involvement strategy and charter for the Trust. The graphic facilitation has enabled the discussions to be shared across a wide geographical area. Involvement and leadership training with service users and carers in 2017 embedded the learning and co-design a final Involvement Charter.

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