Red flags in funding for grassroots groups (and how to improve) – vlogs

Listen to Beth, Debbie, Hameed, Jessica, Sylvia and Taimour, NSUN members whose grassroots organisations received Side By Side grants, discuss red flags in funding for user-led ‘mental health groups’:

Reasons why grassroots groups might not apply for your funding include: complicated application processes, disproportionate monitoring requirements, no offer of core funding, and a lack of a reputation for working productively with and sharing power with marginalised groups.

In a second video, they consider what would make things better and offer tips for funders:

Tips include: prioritise simplicity, make it as easy and accessible as possible to both get in touch to find out more and make an application, and offer flexible ongoing support without asking for too much.

Click here to find out more about our learning from running small grants programmes.

If you are part of a grassroots ‘mental health’ organisation, please take our survey with the Fore on the funding needs of grassroots groups (closing 13th December 2021).