NSUN Covid-19 Fund

*The Fund is now closed*

NSUN awards grants totalling £120,000 to 88 organisations and groups, to support peer support, community action and mutual aid for mental health during Covid-19

Thanks to £5m support from government (the Department of Health and Social Care), grants of £20,000 or £50,000 were made available for mental health support delivered by the Voluntary and Community Sector, distributed via the Coronavirus Mental Health Response Fund.
As part of this funding programme, NSUN administered a smaller fund to support community led and user-led groups and organisations who might not otherwise be eligible for a grant. Grants of up to £2000 were available to support community action, peer support, mutual aid and other activities that made a direct difference to the lives of people living with mental ill-health, trauma and distress during this Covid-19 period.
NSUN was then awarded a second grant, to distribute grants of £5,000 to existing NSUN grantees which were organisations or groups led by and for people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities. Thanks to an additional grant from Lankelly Chase, we then awarded an additional £10,000 to 10 organisations, groups and collectives.
Historically, unconstituted groups have been left out of these funds so we were delighted with this commitment to supporting user led and community led groups. We believe that this fund has demonstrated the value, impact and reach of projects and collectives led by lived experience.  
You can see a list of the grants awarded here.

*The Fund is now closed.*