Research: supporting trans, non-binary, and intersex people on single-sex wards

NSUN is undertaking research, led by a trans and non-binary researcher with lived experience of mental ill-health, into how trans, non-binary, and intersex people can be supported while on single-sex wards in mental health services, as well as ways of doing things differently.

Today we are publishing a survey for trans, non-binary and intersex people with personal experience of using mental health services in England, during which they were placed on a single-sex ward, to understand more about those experiences and what can be done better.

This survey will be open from the 4th July 2022 until 23:59 on the 20th July 2022. 

Content note

This survey will ask a series of questions about your personal experiences in mental health services. Recalling these experiences may be mentally, emotionally, and/or physically triggering or challenging. Please be sure to seek care and support as you need and remember you may stop the survey at any time or avoid any questions you do not want to answer. You can find some sources of support via NSUN’s services and support directory webpage.

Data privacy

These data (e.g. generated statistics and quotes) may be used by NSUN in producing a research report. No personal or identifying information will be recorded in this survey, and any potentially identifying information given in free text answers will be removed if the answer is quoted in the research report. The data gathered may not be used without the participant’s consent and consent may be revoked at any time with no consequences or ramifications to the participant. These data will be securely stored by NSUN and will not be given to anyone outside of NSUN.

Take the survey

You can take part in the survey by clicking here or completing the embedded form below.