Update on the NSUN Covid-19 Fund - 30th July 2020

The NSUN Covid-19 Fund was open for applications from the 30th April to the 30th June.

*The Fund is now closed*

We received 381 applications in total, and initially awarded £60,000 to 78 organisations, groups and collectives. We were then able to provide 10 additional grants to existing grantees which were organisations led by and for people from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic communities. The total awarded was £110,000 to 78 organisations. The NSUN Covid-19 Fund was made available through a grant from Mind via the Department of Health and Social Care. The NSUN Covid-19 Fund was entirely managed by NSUN.

We will be evaluating the impact of the grant in September. As part of this we have asked 10 organisations or groups to produce a short video to talk about their work. Here is the first from Nomad Radio.

The following groups/organisations/collectives were awarded a grant.

1 361 Lifesupport
2 3 Starts
3 Adira
4 African Caribbean Forum Kent
5 Bristol Disability Equality Forum
6 Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living
7 Breakdown Bolton
8 Bury Veterans Hub Cafe
9 By Your Side
10 Chesterfield Bipolar Group
11 Chronically Awesome
12 CiLK (Centre for Independent Living (Kent))
13 Community Action to Inspire Hope
14 Community Enterprise East London
15 Community Network Group CIC
16 Depression Xpression
17 EleMental Music
18 Empower the Invisible Project CIC
20 Ffena
21 For Women
22 Free2B-Me LGBTQ+ Community Organisation
23 Freya
24 FruitCake Creatives
25 Hearts and Minds
26 Hive South Yorkshire
27 Humanity Concern Projects
28 Humber All Nations Alliance
29 Kashmiri Arts & Heritage Foundation
30 Kunsaka
31 KwaAfrica
32 Let's Talk About Loss
33 Mad Covid
34 Make it Happen
35 Make Space
36 MCRC Ltd
37 Melancholy and Raving 
38 Men Up North
39 Migrant Empowerment Group
40 Mom's Mindful Hub
41 MSKT/BACA Whiteness and Race Equality network
42 National Hearing Voices Network
43 New Baby Network CIC
44 Nomad Radio
45 North East together
46 North Tyneside Disability Forum Ltd
47 On the Out
48 Organisation of Support and Advice for Religion and Culture (OSARC)
49 People Come First
50 People First
51 Pioneer LXP
52 PND Mummies CIC
53 Real Insight Consultancy UK CIC
54 Release into Victory
55 Rise and Shine
56 Rising Moments community project group
57 Safely Held Talking Learning Healing
59 Self-Injury Self Help
60 Shaftesbury Mental Health Peer Support Group
61 Shining stars community group
62 SM Talking Circles
63 Survivors of depression in transition
64 Survivors' Poetry
65 SWAN (Supporting Women, Activities Network)
66 Taking Control of Psychiatric Medication Group
67 Talk for Health Chair and Share group
68 Talking Sense
69 Taraki
70 The Clear Out Your Closet Collective
71 The Cultural Connection
72 The Octopus Foundation
73 The Sunshine Group
74 Traveller Pride
75 Waltham Forest Hearing Voices Group
76 #watchUsgrow
77 West London Somaliland Community
78 Wish

Commons reasons why applications were not successful include:

  • The application was not from a user-led organisation/group
  • The application was not mental health specific
  • The application was not Covid-related
  • Requests for food costs
  • Applications from individuals did not clearly demonstrate how their work would benefit the wider community
  • There was not a specific breakdown of costs