Abuse and hate crime in mental health

Keeping Control

What to do if you have experienced abuse or hate crime: resources for mental health service users and survivors

New report published by NSUN – read the report and download in alternative languages

These resources are for anyone who has experienced abuse, victimisation or hate crime directed at them because of their mental distress or psychiatric diagnosis. They are based on research carried out at Middlesex University. The aim is to share some of our research findings with you and to give you ideas and suggestions about what you can do if you have experienced this kind of abuse.

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Alison Faulkner:

Sarah Carr:

Tina Coldham:

Christine Khisa: 

Ian Loynes: 

We have organised the report in four parts:

  • What people told us
  • What people found helpful
  • What you can do if you have experienced abuse or believe you have been a victim of hate crime
  • Sources of help

More about Keeping Control:

This work is based on research carried out at Middlesex University by Dr Sarah Carr, Dr Trish Hafford-Lechfield, Dr Alison Faulkner, Dorothy Gould, Christine Khisa, Claudia Megele, Rachel Cohen. Research papers published from this research can be found at: ‘Dignity and respect’: An example of service user leadership and co‐production in mental health research (wiley.com) and https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/hsc.1280

It is based on independent research funded by the National Institute for Health Research School for Social Care Research (NIHR SSCR).