The NSUN team are now undertaking eight weeks of internal strategic work

From now until the end of March, the NSUN team will be undertaking eight weeks of internal strategic work, with reduced external outputs and engagements.

During this time the team will be taking things a little slower, giving deliberate space and time to reflect on our strategy and membership offer together, as well as our capacity and our ways of working as a small but growing lived experience led organisation.

This means we will be a little quiet for a while. We will be pausing non-essential work and we won’t be publishing much new content, for example members’ blogs, resources, and reports/publications. We won’t be taking on new project work or things like speaking engagements during this time, unless they’re really important.

We will still send out our weekly bulletin for members, so please do continue to send us items to add if you would like to. However throughout this period bulletins may be shorter than usual as our communications team takes more time away from social media, where we come across a lot of our items.

We are also recruiting for a number of new roles, so we will post about these!

The team can still be contacted on their individual emails or via our main inbox,, but replies may be slightly slower and we may not respond to requests to involve NSUN in project work or speaking engagements and similar work during this time.

If you’re just coming across us, you can still sign up as a member during this period of internal work. If you’re a current member, we thank you for your ongoing support and for bearing with us through a quieter period.