Talking Sense and COVID-19

Talking Sense is a Hearing Voices Group in London. It was founded by two people, Lauren and Janey, with personal experience of voices, visions and other unusual sensory experiences and is 100% peer volunteer led.

They met in the evenings on Brick Lane in London, creating a non-medical space for 9-5 workers, students and night owls to discuss experiences of voices and visions. They start with a check-in that sets the “agenda” for the evening, so to speak, but there’s no expectation to talk.

Janey tells us that like many groups, they had to move online during the pandemic, and were able to do this with funding from NSUN. They found they were joined by people outside of London and connected more with people in the Hearing Voices Movement. More services have reached out to them to find out more about their group to spread the word to more people.

To find out more about Talking Sense, visit or follow them on Twitter @TalkingSense_
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