Stepping down crisis in Manchester

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BBC North West News has featured a piece on the stepping down crisis in Manchester, where there is evidence that people are being routinely discharged from the care of secondary services to the care of their GP, without adequate support, oversight or information. NSUN member Manchester Users Network have been steadily campaigning on the issue. 

Recently, Manchester Health and Care Commissioning asked Manchester Mind to speak to people who have been discharged from the care of their psychiatrist to the care of their GP. The report states that “it has become apparent that this change in service provision is not working either for the individuals who need to access it or the professionals who deliver it.”

For example, the majority of participants interviewed for the report were shocked, puzzled and angry at their treatment. Many felt they were not listened to, got little or no information, were not involved in the decision, or felt let down and abandoned. Participants also spoke vividly about the negative impact of discharge on their mental health: “It scares me – the loss of support and that I’d need to be Sectioned to get support”.

You can read more about the the dangers of ‘off-rolling’ across country here

You can watch the BBC News piece here

The next Manchester Users Network will be holding a public meeting on stepping down on Thursday 19th March 2020, 1.30pm, at Harpurhey Neighbourhood Project Centre in Manchester. Please contact the Manchester Users Network for more information.