Add your support: statement against transphobic healthcare policy announcements

At the Conservative party conference this month we heard deeply offensive and harmful remarks about trans people, specifically trans women, and their place in healthcare settings. These comments have come from individuals in some of the most senior positions in Government. We know this is incorrect and dangerous rhetoric and we stand against the scapegoating of trans people. 

Comments at the conference focussed in particular on trans women. Transmisogyny has no place in government or healthcare. Women, cis and trans, face abuse and harm in healthcare settings. Implying that trans women are dangerous to cis women in healthcare settings is factually incorrect and appears intended to stoke hatred and fear of trans people. It misrepresents the problem of abuse in care settings and continues to fail all women. 

As mental health organisations, charities, and concerned individuals working in the sector, we stand in solidarity with trans people and recognise the devastating impact of transphobia. 

Transphobia perpetuated and intensified in this way impacts people’s lives and their health: a 2023 report by Just Like Us showed that 88% of trans adults between 18 and 25 in the UK have experienced suicidal thoughts. 

People should receive care, including mental health care, in the setting that best aligns with their gender identity. This is current NHS policy. Even with such policies, transphobia still operates in healthcare settings and we have a long way to go before care is truly trans inclusive and reflects the protections trans people have under the Equality Act. 

As people who advocate for the rights of people who experience mental ill-health, distress, and trauma, we are standing together, committed to speaking out against transphobic rhetoric, policy and practice. 

Add your support

We are calling on other mental health organisations and charities, as well as individuals, to add their names in support of this statement.

If you would like to add your individual or organisational signature to this statement, please fill out this short form or email with your name (and if desired, your organisation/role or job title), or if signing as an organisation, your organisation’s name. We will regularly update this page with new signatures below once we have started to collect signatures.


  1. Medact
  2. Mental Health First Aid England
  3. DCC-i
  4. Health Poverty Action
  5. Linda Laurie Associates
  6. Suicide Crisis (a charity that runs a Suicide Crisis Centre)
  7. TMSA-UK
  8. Rethink Mental Illness


  1. Heather Cobb, Wellness Recovery Action Plan level 3 facilitator
  2. Ruth Revell
  3. Jane Haines
  4. Rachel Eborall, Unite Health Rep
  5. Maggie Palmer
  6. Ewan Smith
  7. Ian Allinson, Author of Workers Can Win! A Guide to Organising at Work
  8. Kate Edwards, NHS Workers Say NO!
  9. Nicola Redwood, Unite Branch Secretary
  10. Lucy Nox, SEND Teaching Assistant, AAT
  11. Iwo Domeracki a. k. a. Sygin Nox, UNISON Workplace Rep
  12. Shiraz Hussain
  13. Gill George, Retired health worker & health campaigner
  14. Rosie Carter-Rich, Student Mental Health Nurse
  15. Karen Hamilton
  16. Mark Salter
  17. Joanne McBride, Teacher
  18. Simon Tucker
  19. Michelle Giles
  20. Paula Carlington
  21. Jennifer Duffy
  22. Sean Duffy
  23. Pete Goulding
  24. Abbie O’Connor, Counsellor (private practice)
  25. Charmaine Hardie
  26. Joanne Baskott
  27. Tina Oldridge
  28. Alison Davy, Community cook up
  29. Una O’Sullivan
  30. Charlie Tucker
  31. Sarah
  32. Dina Poursanidou, Survivor Researcher Network
  33. Mark Dale
  34. Averick Bellows
  35. Will Reid
  36. Peter Bampton
  37. Fleur Perry
  38. Hannah-Phoebe Bowen, Counsellor in private practice
  39. Jess Worner, Lived Experience Network Manager
  40. Eva Roberts
  41. Anna Fielding
  42. Finn Dobson, Peer Support Worker
  43. Natasha Maddison, Therapist
  44. Ruth Adams
  45. Dan Bernstein
  46. Sophie Carapetian
  47. Jane Appleton
  48. Daisy Long, Director
  49. Russ Long, DCC-i – Deputy Director of Operations
  50. Beckett LeClair
  51. Ryk Morgan, Volunteer for 3 Charities/Not For Profit Organisations
  52. Helen Leigh-Phippard
  53. Danielle King, Clinical Psychologist, NHS
  54. Elena Hazimin, Medical Student
  55. Claire, I work with students
  56. Kate Bowgett, Services Director Groundswell
  57. Ben Eder, GP Trainee
  58. Dr Elizabeth Clarke, Rheumatologist, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  59. Stephen Anderson
  60. Rudy Graves RM, LTHT, Senior Research Midwife
  61. Danielle Butler, Social Prescriber, Leeds
  62. Kai Alba, Midwife
  63. Anna Nicholson-Lailey, Palliative medicine doctor
  64. Beya Khaldi
  65. Isobel Merrie, Medical Student
  66. S Murgraff
  67. Sepeedeh Saleh, Public Health Doctor
  68. Ben Rossington, Project Officer, Transformation Partners in Health and Care
  69. Hilary Aster Cornish, Counsellor, Spectra CiC
  70. Eleanor Piesold, Junior Doctor, Brighton
  71. Christopher Brockwell
  72. Helen Pearson, Functional Skills Tutor, Choices College, NHS England
  73. Tim Hickish, RCN Student Member
  74. Hollie Higgins
  75. Sarah Wikeley, GP
  76. Sandy Dillon
  77. Jean, Elderly retired
  78. Mike Hope, Client Support Coordinator, Thompsons Solicitors
  79. Gwen Vardigans, Retired NHS Nurse
  80. Piyush Pushkar
  81. Michael Lewis
  82. Rebecca Thomas, Junior Doctor and researcher, Liverpool
  83. Ann-Elin Myhre
  84. Anushka Patel
  85. Sara Hagerman, Psychologist
  86. Liam Torrens, NHS Scotland
  87. Avi Kaura, Medical Student
  88. Danilo Paganelli
  89. John Middleton
  90. Jennifer Middleton, Service User
  91. Joanna Seth-Smith
  92. Catriona Bridger, GP Registrar
  93. Nathalie Lindell
  94. Lindsay
  95. Gavin Robinson
  96. Charlotte Hooker
  97. Joy Hibbins, CEO, Suicide Crisis (a charity that runs a Suicide Crisis Centre)
  98. Paul Micallef, GP
  99. David Jenkins, Retired Consultant Physician
  100. Stephen Branscombe
  101. Paul Colley, Person-centred therapist and supervisor
  102. Charlie Mangas, Counsellor and Psychotherapist
  103. Dr. Birgitta Heiller, Director, Island and Solent Psychological Therapies
  104. Marta Bolognani
  105. Kit Zinovieff, Psychotherapist
  106. Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Psychotherapist
  107. Tricia Wright
  108. Christa Drennan, Therapist, Supervisor, Trainer
  109. Salma Joosub, PCU
  110. Mark Harrison
  111. Robert MacGibbon, FRCGP
  112. Jill Holly Counselling, Counsellor/Psychotherapist
  113. Jessica Hottinger
  114. Philip Windeatt
  115. S Chadwick
  116. Bryony Budd, Art Psychotherapist and counsellor
  117. Isabella Leonard, psychotherapist/counsellor
  118. Ellen Bell
  119. Sam Segal
  120. Kris Black, Psychotherapist / Clinical Supervisor / Trainer / Editor
  121. Luke Woodhouse, LYPFT, Clinical Educator
  122. Helen Moss, Psychotherapist
  123. Abi Noushad, NHS
  124. Phillip Welldrake
  125. Keith Barber, UKCP Reg’d Psychotherapist
  126. Dr. Aliya Mackenzie
  127. Catherine Stevens, Art therapist HCPC registered
  128. Shneeza Gill
  129. Dr Mary Gibbs, Our of hours GP
  130. Sarah Walpole (she/her), James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough
  131. Emma Dowson, NHS Healthcare Assistant
  132. Helen Green, Midwife
  133. Mandy Coghill, Psychotherapist
  134. Emma Louise, Systemic Family Practitioner, NHS
  135. Sarah Butler-Boycott, Crisis Service Manager, Compañeros (Spider Project)
  136. Katie Wynne, Clinical Lead Transgender Services, LGT
  137. Katie Glover
  138. Mary Lynne Ellis, Perspectives Psychotherapy
  139. Andy Rushton, Counsellor
  140. Paula Jones, Counsellor
  141. Sharon Gibbons, Counsellor at Talk together Counselling
  142. Claire Shaw
  143. Monica Gallo, Senior Psychotherapist – Centrepoint
  144. Dr Joyce Leeson, Retired public health doctor
  145. João Martins, Medact Oxford
  146. Naomi Adelson, GP
  147. Alisha Cunningham, Counsellor, NHS Blackpool Teaching Hospitals
  148. Dr Lauren Evans, MRCPsych
  149. Alistair Armitage, Hypnotherapist & Counsellor (private practice)
  150. Jules Mattsson, Paramedic
  151. Lesley Dougan, Counsellor/ Psychotherapist
  152. Dr Elisabeth Murray, Retired consultant
  153. Seb Harding, RMHN
  154. Jennifer Harding, Psychotherapist (retd)
  155. Richa Okhandiar
  156. Annette Ros, Psychiatrist
  157. Veena Aggarwal, GP Registrar
  158. Rory N
  159. Imogen Blacklidge, RN, LTHT
  160. Tracey Farrar, Retired
  161. Courtney Buckler, Survivor Researcher and Executive Director at Make Space
  162. Elizabeth Westwood, Public Health Registrar
  163. Laura Edmans
  164. Dr Georgie Bainbridge, The Autism Shed
  165. J.M. Welch
  166. E. Dowson, Trainee Counsellor
  167. Sophie Payling
  168. Alaina Heath
  169. James Vipond, Junior Doctor