SRN seeks new working group members

Following the launch of the SRN Manifesto and review of the future of SRN with NSUN, we are now re-advertising for up to four new members of the SRN Working Group.

We are looking for people with a range of different experiences and interests and from different communities to help develop the SRN.
The working group meets and communicates online, and the positions are currently voluntary.

Survivor Researcher Network

The National Survivor User Network (NSUN) hosts the Survivor Researcher Network (SRN), a network aiming to provide mental health service users and survivors involved and interested in research with a forum for networking, sharing information, and supporting and working in partnership with each other.

The SRN promotes Survivor Research, user-led research carried out from the perspective of people who have experienced mental distress, as an independent discipline distinct from patient and public involvement (PPI) in NHS research.
In line with NSUN, our work is focused on mental health research in England.
We are keen to acknowledge and promote the diversity of experiences, identities and backgrounds of survivor researchers and to challenge the marginalisation of some communities in mental health research (including user-led research), in terms of access to resources, participation and inclusion.

Working Group

Following the survey of members’ views (2013), the ‘Reclaiming, Challenging and Reviving Survivor Knowledge’ event (2016)  and reflections from the event working group statement (2016), the SRN Working Group was established. We are working towards the strengthening and development of the network, and we have produced a Manifesto and Summary for the SRN (manifesto and summary available here
We are currently looking for up to four new members of the Working Group.

Roles and responsibilities 

Members of the Working Group will be interested and invested in the overall objectives of the SRN and developing a network that is supportive, diverse and inclusive.

Key tasks will include:

Promoting the values base outlined in the Manifesto
Promoting diversity and a greater role for marginalised communities in SRN and in mental health research.
Identifying potential sources of funding.
Further developing the work plan for the network and updating our terms of reference
Further developing our methods of communicating as a virtual group

Expectations of Members:

Participation in leading the development of the Survivor Researcher Network as part of the Working Group
Members will attend at least one online meeting lasting 2 hours, approximately every six weeks, where they will work together with the SRN Co-ordinator to achieve the tasks above. Further work will be needed over e-mail and/or telephone to comment on drafts and finalise documents.
Working group members will abide by the group agreement, NSUN’s policies and Code of Conduct both online and in person.
the position is voluntary, but where attendance at meetings is required, travel expenses will be paid in accordance with NSUN procedures.

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining the Working Group, please complete the following forms:

application form
monitoring form

and send to Stephen Jeffreys, SRN coordinator, at
by Thursday 6 December.

If would like any further information or want to discuss how we can assist with specific needs in relation to completion of the form or access to the supporting materials, please contact Stephen Jeffreys.

Selection Procedure

We will consider anonymised application forms to make a provisional shortlist for interview, and will take into account applicants’ interests, experience, skills and knowledge in the areas listed on the application form.

If we have too many applicants to interview, we will finalise the shortlist with reference to the monitoring forms. This is to help us move towards a Working Group that is diverse in terms of protected characteristics under the Equality Act and socially marginalised communities, and which includes members from across England.

Shortlisted applicants will participate in an online interview with two members of the working group using one of the online platforms whichwe use for our audio-visual online working group meetings and will have an opportunity to ask questions.
Applicants who accept an offer of membership of the Working Group will have a profile posted on the SRN section of the NSUN website and the SRN bulletin. New members willbe given any information and assistance needed to take on the role, and will be introduced to other members of the Working Group at its next meeting.