Soul Relics Museum launches crowdfunding campaign

Launch of crowdfunding campaign for the Soul Relics Museum Pop-up Exhibitions in London!

This coming April, the Soul Relics Museum ( will be setting up a series of pop-up exhibitions in London. The first one will be in King’s College London for mental health awareness week.

Soul Relics is an archive of objects representing a time of struggle with mental health or personal wellbeing in their owners’ lives AND a storytelling platform.

The vision of the Soul Relics Museum is to foster empathy and a deeper understanding of mental health issues.

To this end, the Soul Relics Museum believes in the beauty of objects as vessels of memory and the power of storytelling to shape shared understandings.

Every penny raised will solely be used for covering the costs of putting together exhibitions.

This is a purely non-profit initiative, and you are invited to join Soul Relics Museum to build connections through art and storytelling.

Can you help Soul Relics Museum reach their £350 target? 

What you can do:

  1. DONATE (if you have a few pounds to spare/ want to support the cause!). You can visit this link:
  2. SPREAD THE WORD! (if you have a few seconds!) Please help Retweet the crowdfunding post on and please tag @soul_relics! More people will know about the project!
  3. PLEDGE to support the campaign (you don’t have to donate) here: (*The campaign will only go live later in the week)
  4. LET SOUL RELICS MUSEUM KNOW if you know anywhere they can get affordable cardboards/paints/cheap printing etc
  5. Just turn up and look at the exhibition!