Open Letter: Funding Mental Health & Migrant Justice

We are a group of migrant support organisations from across England, providing a wide variety of services to many different communities. We have come together with NSUN because promoting the mental health of our communities is a vital part of the work we do.

We are calling on funders to recognise the fundamental link between migration and mental health work and commit to helping us to sustain it. In order for us to continue supporting our communities, we need funders to rethink their approach to working with us. We are here to help them do this. We invite them to consider the following key concepts as they change their ways of working.





Contact us

We are keen to start conversations with those working in funding about how to put our key concepts into practice. Please get in touch with us via NSUN by contacting

This open letter was written with support from NSUN by:

  1. African Health Policy Network (AHPN)
  2. Asian People’s Disability Alliance (APDA)
  3. Bora Shabaa
  4. Humber All Nations Alliance (HANA)
  5. Middle Eastern Women & Society Organisation (MEWSo)
  6. We Belong
A white background with seven logos on it: NSUN, Bora Shabaa, Humber All Nations Alliance, We Belong, MEWSO and the African Health Policy Network.