NSUN survivor researchers feed into mental health project and concensus conference

The ‘EURIPIDES’ research project (long title – The Evaluating the Use of Patient Experience Data to Improve the Quality of Inpatient Mental Health Care study) focuses on understanding which approaches to collecting and using patient experience data are the most useful for supporting improvements in inpatient mental health care.

Funded by the National Institute for Health Research’s Health Services and Delivery Research Programme, the project is a collaboration between the University of Warwick, the Mental Health Foundation, and other partners. A national survey of the varied practices in mental trusts, was used to select six case study sites.

The research team have worked with a lived experience advisory group throughout the project, and Stephen Jeffreys (a member of the Survivor Researcher Network working group) and Emma Ormerod (NSUN’s Research Manager) have worked on it as service user researchers.

Emma and Stephen have interviewed patients (the term preferred by the advisory group) on two of the six case study sites and been invited to provide some input to the analysis. Emma has assisted in dramatizing some of the data to facilitate feedback from the advisory group.

The EURIPIDES Research Study Consensus Conference, which took place at Warwick University Coventry on 15 March 2018, brought together around forty representatives from mental health trusts, researchers and experts by experience to discuss recommendations for good practice in gathering and analysing patient feedback and translating this into improved services.

The report is due for completion later this year.