NSUN is launching the Sustaining Spaces Fund

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Open for applications at 9am on Monday 22nd August 2022

NSUN will be awarding grants of £500-£1000 to groups in England facilitating community spaces where people with shared identities and experiences come together in support of one another’s wellbeing. This may be in the form of peer support, mutual aid or self-help, but it is not limited to groups defining themselves in this way.  

We recognise that much of this work, particularly amongst communities facing various forms of marginalisation and oppression, is being done in order to create safe, affirming spaces of connection and healing. This fund aims to support the needs of those involved and the continuation of these spaces, whether they are local or online.

We will be prioritising applications from: 

  • Groups led by and for people from racialised communities/people of colour 
  • Groups led by and for young people (approximately defined as 18-25)
  • Groups led by and for people from LGBTQ+ and QTIBPOC communities. 

We will be opening for applications on Monday the 22nd of August 2022, when the application form will go live on the page linked via the button below. The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday the 16th of September 2022.

This fund is supported by Mind’s PeerFest programme

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Supporting our fund

If you are an ally to grassroots groups and their work supporting their communities and are able to make a donation to boost our small grants funding pot for user-led groups, you can do so via our donations form, selecting ‘NSUN Small Grants Fund’ as the donation purpose.