Food Banks – how to donate and access help

Food banks are playing an ever-more important part in ensuring people have enough to eat during these challenging times.

Accessing help

If you are in need from help, you can find your local food bank here
All food banks are currently following social distancing rules, have increased levels of hygiene and are ensuring that, when waiting, people are a safe distance away from one another.
Some food banks are also giving out pre-packaged parcels to reduce time spent outdoors. 

Donating / Volunteering

Ways in which you can help include:

  • donating money, either to the Trussell Trust or to your local food bank
  • donating food – you can check with your local food bank to see what items are most needed at the moment
  • volunteering
  • becoming a business partner. 

Contact your local food bank to find out the best way you can help. For more news, join NSUN and subscribe to the weekly bulletin here