Commission on Social Security UK

Commission on Social Security: call for ideas about a better welfare benefits system

The Commission on Social Security UK is:

  • A new project to find out how to make the welfare benefits system better
  • A panel of people (the Commissioners), separate from Government and DWP, will find out the information 
  • User led. This means all the Commissioners are people who are on or have been on benefits

The Commissioners want to hear thoughts and ideas for a better welfare benefits system – especially from people with experience of the system

As many of us know to our cost, there are huge problems with the current welfare benefits system and with trauma and destitution which have resulted from changes made under austerity. Because of this, a user-led Commission on Social Security has been set up to put forward improvements that are needed. This Commission is separate both from the Government and from the Department of Work and Pensions.

Do you have experience of the welfare benefits system and can you help with ideas about the changes needed? If so, please send in your suggestions. You can:

  • Complete the online form here
  • Email Michael Orton at for a different, accessible way of replying.

Please make contact if you can. Your help is vitally needed.

DEADLINE: 31st July 2019