NSUN is a community of people and groups who come together to support each other.  We come together in many ways: physically, digitally through social media or through sharing information.

The current situation in the UK and across the world in relation to Covid-19 or Coronavirus is anxiety-provoking. I'm worried about my own health, the health of the people I care about - and the health of the global community.

There is a lot of information on the news, a lot of opinion and a lot of contradictory views on what the next steps should be in the UK to keep everyone safe.  This is leaving me feeling overloaded, confused and anxious.

As a network not just of individuals but also user-led groups NSUN has to consider how best to carry on our activities which support others, while also ensuring we minimise the possibility of transmitting the virus - or of sharing information that is unhelpful, confusing or misleading. 

Isolation, or the prospect of isolation is frightening for some, especially those of us who are already isolated or who are already not getting enough support. The worry about becoming ill, or loved ones becoming ill, is very real, for all of us. Not being able to meet our friends or family in person to support each other is difficult to imagine.

During these uncertain times, we will try and share with you what we can that is useful. In particular, we will think of ways of being together, when we can’t physically be together. And finally, we will continue our campaigning role, ensuring that policy and legislative changes are scrutinised and are rights based. 

Akiko Hart, NSUN CEO

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