Lex Calaguas

a photo of Lex smiling at the camera. Lex has short brown hair and is wearing a black and gold shirt

Lex (they/them), the Communications and Membership Officer, works closely with the Communications Manager, Amy Wells, to deliver NSUN’s communications strategy and expand our membership offering. Their work includes digital communications, publications and material, media and press, and membership. They started at NSUN in April 2022.

Lex holds an MSc in International Development and a BSc degree in International Relations and Political Science. Their academic background is grounded in economics and indegenous peoples. Throughout their career, they have worked for a number of charities/nonprofits, and are the previous Marketing and Communications Coordinator for an American Jewish nonprofit. Lex has chosen to pursue a career in the mental health space due to their passion for improving and expanding service access. They are originally from the East Coast of the US, and outside of work they love painting, learning, and reading. Lex is currently based in Edinburgh.

Lex generally works Monday-Wednesday and Friday and can be contacted at lex.calaguas@nsun.org.uk