Jilna Shah

A headshot of Jilna smiling at the camera

Jilna (She/Her) joined NSUN in May 2022. She is the co-Director of Synergi, a programme of work which focuses on the intersection of racial justice and mental health. She shares this role with Lena Mohamed.

Jilna has worked in the UK and in India on issues of rights and justice. In India she worked alongside Dalit and Adivasi people’s movements and learnt a lot about grassroots organising, and the links between consciousness change and wider political change. In the UK, Jilna has worked on migrants’ rights issues in different capacities, from managing projects aimed at collectivising migrants’ rights advocacy to leading a small organisation in embedding intersectionality into how they work.

Jilna is also a movement and meditation facilitator, where she works mainly with bipoc and migrants and refugees in community settings. She is currently a trustee of Young Roots, a refugee youth Charity. Jilna is also a qualified craniosacral therapist practicing in Brighton and London.

Cold water swimming, saunas and discovering new eateries are some of her favourite pastimes!

Jilna works on Mondays and Tuesdays. You can contact her at: jilna.shah@nsun.org.uk