Know your human rights

NSUN trustee, Rachel Rowan Olive, attended the launch of the British Institute of Human Rights online tool earlier this month. The 'Know Your Human Rights' tool is aimed at helping mental health service users raise issues around human rights in their care. BIHR are looking at how they can make sure the tool is widely used and get feedback on how to develop it further. Read more

Borderline Personality Disorder - the diagnosis and me!

NSUN member Simon shares his candid account. 'I’m what’s known as a high functioning Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) sufferer. That’s what I was told many years ago and I accepted the diagnosis at the time. I now believe I don’t have the disorder. Here is my story of why I believe this.' Read more

SCREAM IF YOU WANNA GO FASTER. The Signposting Roundabout from Hell

Against the backdrop of `mental health awareness week’ I am feeling suicidal. My life has no purpose or meaning, and I can no longer run the gauntlet of discrimation and abuse I face on a daily basis. Read more

Mad? I'm furious!

'After 23 years we are apparently no longer valued by decision-makers or funders (...) at the time when we are most needed, nobody will actually fight for us', says Sarah, as the user-led organisation she is part of faces shut down in Liverpool. Published here as part of NSUN's campaign The Value of User Led Groups, this blog is a personal view on the threat of extinction to the Liverpool Mental Health Consortium. Read more

War and propaganda - mental health services

'There is a file on my computer recording my engagement in twenty years of mental health activism. This file was initially entitled Mental Health. But I have been driven to rename it. It is now entitled The War. I do not use the term lightly' Read more

BPD blog

'You may have not had the chance to study, go to uni or you may have had to drop out of reaching your goals due to the BPD but remember that your experiences are invaluable and can be used to effectively reach others who maybe experiencing similar to yourself' writes Katie Read more

Beyond the encouraging rhetoric: what will this actually mean for people in practice?

Dr Emma Ormerod reflects on how patients will have a greater say in decisions when the essential power dynamic remains the same. Read more

Women's Mental Health Network campaign

The Women’s Mental Health Network is a partnership of voluntary organisations from across the sectors, that works to give women with mental health needs a voice and drive forward change within the system so that these voices are heard. Read more

Thoughts on Black History Month

My journey as a mental health equality activist has been painful, a public health warning to your sanity as you see the delusions to how racism operates in which whiteness is in the room but has been invisible when talking about equality., says Colin King, who recently set up the ‘Whiteness and Race Equality’ network in mental health Read more

We need no Suicide Prevention Minister

I'm a person who struggles with suicidality and the government has appointed a 'suicide prevention minister'. You'd think I'd be happy. Or at least willing to give this notion a chance. But no. I'm angry, says Madame Merteuil Read more

Paul's story

Paul has kindly written to us and asked us to share his story. Paul is active in a number of service user involvement meetings in Leeds as well as giving talks and being part of panels both locally and nationally. Read more

I do matter, we all matter

'It is really something to come out of hospital, after taking an overdose, and feel worse than what drove one to take the overdose in the first place.' Read more

This is my truth, tell me yours

''every time I did confide in anyone – be they family member or health professional – I was let down, every time, by their failure to protect me from further harm.'' Read more

But that would be a lie

Jessica Gallier writes about a series of events that followed her father's suicide and the way in which they affected a vulnerable, grieving family whilst doing nothing to prevent future deaths Read more

Of danger, bereavement, an erroneous terminal diagnosis and near-death in Brazil

I don’t often write personal stories and am not even sure why I am writing this – some kind of provisional settling of accounts maybe. And it’s not a good subject for a New Year but we don’t control time.... Read more

Book review: Recovery, Mental Health and Inequality: Chinese Ethnic Minorities as Mental Health Service Users

NSUN member Vanessa Yim reviews Lynn Tang's latest book 'Recovery, Mental Health and Inequality: Chinese Ethnic Minorities as Mental Health Service Users' Read more

Power Threat Meaning Threat Power Power Power!

A blog by Scheherazade, on the launch of the recently published Power Threat Meaning Framework. Scheherazade was among the crowd that gathered at Friends House, Euston, on 12 January to listen to the speakers at the launch Read more

Mental health and disabled people with Learning difficulties (LD) and Autism (ASC)

Advocate Simone Aspis writes about what she'd like the mental health act review to do to ensure people with learning difficulties / autism are better included Read more

The mental health act review and the definition of 'mental disorder'

Advocate Simone Aspis reflects on what the mental health act review could focus on Read more

Musings on a World Mental Health Day (10 October 2017)

Originally written by Dina Poursanidou for her blog in Asylum magazine Read more

Mental health teams in crisis

Joy Hibbins, who runs a Suicide Crisis Centre primarily set up to support people who do not access other services, reveals that, lately, a lot of of callers who use the traditional mental health system have been contacting her organisation instead of the mental health crisis teams...which take too long to get back to people - if at all. Read more

What should happen when things go wrong?

Martyn Coyle has been an advocacy campaigner for over 15 years. He was recently asked to write a post in light of the review of the Mental Health Act Read more

On power and privacy

In the light of the almost daily revelations about workplace sexual harassment and abuse, peer researcher Alison Faulkner wishes to highlight the devastating impact that sexual abuse as well as the impact of secrecy. Read more