Benefits of Membership

Our members are individuals with lived experience of mental ill-health, distress, and/or trauma, as well as user-led grassroots groups. You can also sign up as a supporter or ally.

The National Survivor User Network (NSUN) is a network of people who have experience of mental distress, discrimination or disadvantage, who want to change things for the better by coming together to connect, create, and campaign. By joining the network, you will be a member of a unique collective. Our user-led nature sets us apart from other organisations in the field, and this gives us exceptional insight and authenticity. NSUN is run by and for people with lived experience of mental distress and is based on the principles of mutual support, solidarity, leadership and self-determination.

NSUN provides:

  • Regular communications to members through a weekly e-bulletin that includes opportunities for involvement and influencing, events, news from around the country, research and policy updates
  • Events and resources for members
  • Collective responses to policy developments and consultations and the promotion of collective action
  • Facilitation and support for involvement and influencing opportunities locally and nationally
  • Support and capacity-building for new and existing user-led initiatives and groups

NSUN has a tiered membership policy. Signing up is free for individuals who identify as having experience of mental distress and for user led organisations. Others are able to join the network but do not have the same right to shape and influence the organisation, to vote or to attend the Annual General Meeting. We are currently looking at charging a fee to non-user-led organisations, but for now, we suggest you make a donation if you wish to support our work.

Categories of membership

1. Individual member. You will be able to network with other members and feed into the national voice. You can vote in our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and will share liability (of up to the value of £10) in the case of insolvency.

‘The knowledge that I’m not alone and that there is a ‘movement’ out there, has given more me confidence to self-advocate in my own care and even to successfully blow the whistle on harmful and dangerous practices’


2. User Led Organisation/group member. You become part of a unique network of other groups and can access support for furthering your user-led initiative, including placing items in our weekly bulletin. We can connect you with other groups to facilitate information/best practice sharing. You can vote in our AGM and will share liability (of up to the value of £10) in the case of insolvency.

‘I really value the regular communication weekly. Really feel that NSUN is acting on behalf of users and is building momentum strategically and also on the ground’

Member organisation

3. Supporter. This type of membership means you will still receive all the same communications as a standard individual or group member would, and you can attend our AGM, however you can not vote on motions and have no liability in the case of insolvency.

‘A brilliant small mental health charity that reaches far afield. By service users for service users. Inclusive and effective. National presence despite small group’


4. Ally – Voluntary/Public Sector Group and Higher Education Institutions OR Corporate (can not vote in our AGM, and has no liability in the case of insolvency). Allies will be able to link in with our wider membership and increase engagement with the mental health community. We suggest a donation upon joining the network:

  • Income under £49,999 – free
  • £50k-£100k – £50
  • £100k – £499,999 – £100
  • £500k – £999k – £250
  • Over £1 million – £500
  • Over £5 million – £1,000


Ready to join us?

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