MANIFESTO. noun. /ˌmanəˈfestō/

A written statement to publicly declare your intentions, motives, or beliefs. From the Latin manifestus — to manifest, to clearly reveal, to make real.

Launch of our 2019 Members' Manifesto

Our Members' Manifesto 2019 draws on feedback from our AGM & Members' event 2018, the 2018 survey about the manifesto and a wide range of project and influencing work.

The 2019 Manifesto is an updated version of the Members' Manifesto 2017 'Our voice, our vision, our values' . This is our third version as we aim to review the Manifesto every two years.

Download the full version of the NSUN Members' Manifesto 2019 here.

We aim to:

  1. Campaign against the injustice and harm caused by cuts to public funding and welfare benefits.

  2. Challenge the abuse and coercion that continues under mental health legislation and work to ensure that people understand and can enforce their rights under the UNCRPD.

  3. Actively promote the need to work with us in decisions about strategy, commissioning and how services are provided, as well as the need for services to be user-led.

  4. Challenge personal, institutional and structural inequalities, injustices, disadvantages and discrimination for everyone with experience of mental distress/trauma.

  5. Promote people’s right to informed choice so that people are in a position to understand their difficulties in whatever way they choose and to access the support that they find best.

  6. Promote the validity and vital role of survivor knowledge and research.