Anxiety UK

National user-led anxiety disorders charity providing a range of support services for people affected by all forms of anxiety disorders.


  • 08444 775 774
  • Zion Community Resource Centre 339 Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester, M15 4ZY
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Alex, The Leukodystrophy Charity

Alex, The Leukodystrophy Charity is a trusted and experienced organisation offering support and information for all those affected by a genetic leukodystrophy. The support they offer includes provision of information, one to one support, peer support, video conferencing support, events and various campaigns and projects.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

  • Alex, The Leukodystrophy Charity
  • 020 7701 4388
  • 45 Peckham High Street,
    London SE15 5EB
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Autistic Parents

Autistic Parents UK is a non-profit association set up by a group of Autistic parents who felt a gap in support and understanding.
To build a collaborative community offering accessible mutual peer support to Autistic parents in the UK at no cost.
We aim to facilitate the use a variety of ways for Autistic parents to offer and receive peer support: one to one and groups of different sizes, through online communication (text & video chat), phone and face to face when possible.

Ayrshire Women's Hub CIC

Ayrshire Women's Hub CIC is a group that aims to open a warm, friendly walk-in premises in Ayr where women can go to socialise, learn and empower each other through free, surgeries and classes. They are also an umbrella support service, and work with a variety of professionals and organisations covering areas such as welfare rights, housing, abuse, financial issues, grief and loss and many more.

Note: this group operates in Scotland.

  • Ayrshire Women's Hub CIC
  • 01292 848 024
  • 42 Alloway Street,
    KA7 1SH
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Bipolar UK

Bipolar UK aims to enable people affected by bipolar to take control of their lives through the services that we offer members. These include regional self help groups, information and publications, employment advice, self management training programme, 24-hour legal advice line for employment, legal, benefits and debt issues.

Blink Mental Health

Blink Mental Health wants to see hundreds of thousands more people receive rapid, appropriate and effective mental health support in the UK. They aim to achieve this by providing peer and professional support to people who need it most. Their peer support initiatives include wellbeing tents at festivals, community-led wellbeing workshops and partnerships with other heath-based organisations.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

  • Blink Mental Health
  • 07731 950 729 (Mike McAdam)
  • C/O Berkeley Homes Project Office,
    Beresford Street SE18 6BG
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Booooom CIC

Booooom CIC reaches the Persian diaspora with meaningful content that makes a difference in their lives by producing and distributing quality videos, radio programming, podcasts and film productions as well as workshops and festivals designed to bolster the personal, financial, social and mental health of Persian immigrants as active participants in their new communities.

Note: this group operates internationally.

Bright Sparks Theatre Arts Company CIC

Bright Sparks Theatre Arts Company helps adults with learning disabilities make theatre. They aim to unmask the patient, and to see the individual behind their condition. Bright Sparks’ ongoing work seeks to improve communication between individuals and groups which otherwise may struggle, using drama and arts activities to make it safe, enjoyable and playful.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

  • Bright Sparks Theatre Arts Company CIC
  • 07449 103 615
  • 8 The Grove,
    West Yorkshire BD18 4LD
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CHIME to thrive

CHIME to Thrive is a non profit organisation specialising in providing support for people who are struggling with their mental health and who haven't been able to access the help they need. It is unique because it has been established and is run by somebody with lived experience of mental ill health and recovery and who receives clinical supervision from a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. For the majority of people sessions are conducted via videocall and can be arranged at a time which suits you. In some situations in the UK, sessions can be arranged face-to-face.

  • CHIME to thrive
  • 07930727039
  • 160 Kemp House, City Road, London
  • Website URL
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Co-Counselling International (UK)

Co-counselling is a peer activity and so the appropriate sort of organisation is based on everyone being equal. In the UK this is achieved through doing without formal overall organisation. Things are organised on the basis of individuals and groups taking the initiative to organise them.

Disability Advice Independence Support CIC (DAIS)

DAIS is a user led organisation that was set up due to the realisation that there was no support for disabled adults and children when it came to the basics like form filling. Support at DAIS is given not only to the disabled individual but also the families and carers of the child or adult. DAIS offers support and advocacy in all areas that enable people to have control and choice to their lives as independent as they are able with support or not.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

  • Disability Advice Independence Support CIC (DAIS)
  • 07760 211 132
  • Edmund Kell Building,
    Bellevue Road,
    Southampton SO15 2AY
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Equalities National Council

Equalities is the National Council of Disabled People, Carers and those with long term Impairments from Black & Minority Communities. Equalities is an independent Enterprise which is run by its service users, who all have a good understanding of the barriers disabled people and carers from our communities experience when trying to get the help and support we feel we are in need of. We are working to change a culture rooted in the narrow-minded way in which service provision is delivered to us. We aim to deliver innovative services and expect the same from other service providers.

  • Julie J Charles
  • 020 7474 9812
  • The Hub, 123, Star Lane, London E16 4PZ
  • Website URL
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First Person Plural

First Person Plural is a small UK-wide registered charity led by abuse survivors with first hand experience of complex dissociative distress. We are a membership association open to dissociative survivors, their friends, family & professional allies and anyone with an interest in dissociation who wishes to support our work. Much of our work is achieved through a mutual support model which means that members support each other with self-help tips, information etc through the medium of the newsletter and attendance at occasional open members meetings.

  • First Person Plural
  • 01902 820082
  • P.O. Box 2537, Wolverhampton, WV4 4ZL
  • Website URL
  • Email

Gay Men's Health Collective

The Gay Men’s Health Collective is the umbrella for three independent, volunteer-led projects intended for the purposes of sexual health, health promotion and wellbeing, harm reduction and HIV/HCV prevention, and education, satire and amusement: is a gay men’s health and wellbeing website with a holistic view to health; Three Flying Piglets makes short films on gay men’s health issues and films for the wider LGBT+ community; and PIP PAC are safer chemsex packs to reduce drug harms.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

  • Gay Men's Health Collective
  • 07791 867 885
  • 61 Mansell Street,
    London E1 8AN
  • Website URL
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Guardian Angels UK

The Guardian Angels UK was formed in 1989 as positive role models, visual deterrent to crime, and bringing awareness & solutions to gang culture violence. Guardian Angels is a worldwide voluntary community support organisation empowering individuals and local communities to stand up against crime and minimise its impact in society today in the hope of creating a safer tomorrow.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

Harris Plus Health Ltd

Harris Plus Health Ltd aims to make effective wellbeing services affordable. They offer courses to suit children aged 7-18, mindfulness for adults, counselling and bespoke corporate wellbeing packages.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

Hearing Voices Network

HVN is committed to helping people who hear voices. They offer information, support and understanding to people who hear voices and those who support them, through alternatives to the traditional medical approach. They run and promote self-help groups, organise and deliver training sessions for health workers and the general public, and run a telephone line to give information and help to those who experience hearing voices, seeing visions and tactile sensations.

  • Hearing Voices Network
  • 0114 271 8210
  • C/o Sheffield Hearing Voices Network, Limbrick Day Service, Limbrick Road, Sheffield, S6 2PE
  • Website URL
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Hearts & Minds

Hearts & Minds is an innovative, young charity that provides community, intentional peer support and mentoring for young people, ages 14-25, experiencing mental health difficulties.

Hearts & Minds provides a weekly peer support group and individual mentoring for young people who want support with their mental health.

Let's Talk About Loss

Let’s Talk About Loss is a safe space to talk through taboos and address the reality of losing someone close to you when you are young. They run peer-led meet up groups in cities across the UK for young people aged 18-35 who have been bereaved at any stage, allowing young people who have experienced loss to share their stories and struggles without fear, judgement or awkward silences. Please note that due to the COVID-19 crisis, meet ups are currently all virtual.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

Mad Covid

Mad Covid are an intersectional ally group that understands that injustices within mental health services policy, funding, access and treatment are paralleled by those in wider society. Mad Covid denounces oppression in all its guises. They understand the fight for disability justice must be undertaken in coordination with Black liberation, trans rights, religious freedom, pronoun liberation and body liberation.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

Make Space

Make Space, founded in 2020, started when the team met in March for self-harm awareness day. They felt there was a vacuum in spaces for talking about self harm, which is not spoken about often or well. NSUN’s COVID funding allowed them to run events specifically responding to the pandemic and lockdown and the impact it might have on how and whether people who self-harm receive and experience care. They aim to give people a space to make sense of their experiences however they would like with their workshops.

Martin Shaw King Trust/Black and Asian Coaches Association Whiteness and Race Equality Network

The MSKT Black and Asian Coaches Association was developed from an initiative from the Martin Shaw King Trust to improve access to football coaching, coaching jobs and allied professions from grassroots to the professional game. The aim of BACA is to serve as an advocate for all coaches within the football community, and to help identify, educate, develop, promote and support under-represented people into leadership positions within the football community.

Note: this group operates internationally.

  • MSKW/BACA Whiteness and Race Equality Network
  • 0207 978 9431 or 07957 100 069 (Colin King)
  • 127 Sudbourne Road,
    London SW2 5AF
  • Website URL
  • Email

Maternal OCD

Maternal OCD is a voluntary organisation dedicated to raising the profile of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) for mothers. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a debilitating anxiety disorder which strips women of their fundamental right to enjoy motherhood. Maternal OCD is co-founded by two mothers, Maria Bavetta and Diana Wilson, who have experienced and recovered from extreme OCD. They aim to raise awareness among mothers, raise the profile of maternal OCD amongst health professionals and increase the availability of accessible resources.

Mental Health Forum

The Mental Health Forum is an online forum where you can speak openly and anonymously about your mental health experiences. You can share experiences, ask questions or vent your emotions with people who know what it's like to experience mental health difficulties and everything that goes alongside them.

In addition to the website, you can find the forum itself here.

Note: this group operates internationally.

  • Mental Health Forum
  • Suite 223,
    266 Banbury Road,
  • Oxford OX2 7DL
  • Website URL
  • Email


Founded by DJ, writer & chronic depressive agony aunt at gal-dem, Aisha Mirza in 2019 --- Misery is a sober mental health collective dedicated to providing intergenerational healing activities and events for queer, transgender, non-binary & intersex Black people and people of colour. We center practices of community care, accessibility, and ancestral modes of healing. Known for hosting sober parties (arguably some of the best), workshops, performances, skill & resource-sharing and other events centered around therapeutic practices, we’re constantly working to offer creative ways of involving and engaging the community in thoughtful and desired ways. Misery serves the most beautiful community, one that society unjustly and systematically harms. The QTBIPOC community is disproportionately affected by suicide, homelessness, and problematic substance use to only name a few.

Nanny Biscuit

Nanny Biscuit was created by the people of Flintshire for the people of Flintshire to bring the community together in a positive, empowering and purposeful way to create positive outcomes in areas such as mental health, isolation, disability, ex-forces support, local and age concern. It is a multi-faceted project designed to identify, develop and embed a series of smaller, community-focused projects in the Flintshire area.

Note: this group operates in Wales.

National Voices

National Voices is the coalition of health and social care charities in England. They work for a strong patient and citizen voice and services built around people. They stand up for voluntary organisations and their vital work for people’s health and care. With more than 140 charity members and 20 professional and associate members their membership covers a diverse range of conditions and communities and connects with the experiences of millions of people.

  • Natalie Koussa
  • 020 3176 0738, 07760 581 663
  • 1st Floor Bride House , 18-20 Bride Lane , London EC4Y 8EE
  • Website URL
  • Email

People First Self Advocacy

People First is an organisation run by and for people with learning difficulties. The organisation aims to speak up and campaign for the rights of people with learning difficulties. They also aim to support self-advocacy groups across the country in their work.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

  • People First Self Advocacy
  • 020 7274 5484
  • 336 Brixton Road,
    London SW9 7AA
  • Website URL
  • Email

Revolving Doors National Service User Forum

Revolving Doors is a charity working across England to change systems and improve services for people with multiple problems including poor mental health who are in contact with the criminal justice system. Our mission is to demonstrate and share evidence of effective interventions and to promote reform of public services through partnerships with political leaders, policy makers, commissioners and other experts and by involving people with direct experience of the problem in all our work. Our vision is that by 2025 there is an end to the revolving door of crisis and crime, when anyone facing multiple problems and poor mental health is supported to reach their potential, with fewer victims and safer communities as a result. We offer the opportunity to be involved in Revolving Doors Agency to help to shape our policies and inform our work and speak on behalf of RDA at conferences, events or policy discussions.

  • Amarjit Kaur
  • 020 7253 4038
  • Units 28 & 29, The Turnmill 63 Clerkenwell Road London EC1M 5NP
  • Website URL
  • Email

Self Injury Support

We focus on improving support and knowledge around self-injury by:
offering safe spaces where we listen and never judge, and demonstrating the impact of this support;
creating experience-led tools and information on topics clients tell us they want to know about;
promoting better models of support through training health and social care workers of the future;
working with researchers and policy makers to make sure what people tell us they want is put into practice

We run a UK-wide multi-channel support service for women & girls affected by self-injury, trauma and abuse
We develop up-to-date, reliable and free information and self help tools for anyone to use
We run training and consultancy to share knowledge and expertise with a wide range of staff, especially in health, social care and education
We partner with other organisations and researchers to find out directly from those with lived experience of self-injury find helpful in their lives

  • Naomi Salisbury
  • 01179279600
  • PO Box PO Box 3240, Bristol BS2 2EF
  • Website URL
  • Email

Shaping Our Lives

Shaping Our Lives is a national user controlled independent organisation that was started in 1996. We work with a diverse range of service users and aim to support the development of local user involvement to deliver better outcomes for service users.

Siblings Together Charity

Siblings Together aims to help young people in care initiate and continue to have contact with their siblings, helping them to develop strong family bonds and, above all, achieve an independent and positive place in society, supported by their sibling relationships. Siblings Together provides opportunities for planned, enjoyable, creative and high quality sibling contact for children living in different care arrangements.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

  • Siblings Together Charity
  • 020 7394 8708
  • 351 Southwark Park Road,
    London SE16 2JW
  • Website URL
  • Email

Spark Support

Spark aims to ignite the conversation about mental health, no matter where they are and what it takes. They run a peer support group with over 950 members, where every single person helps everyone else, no matter what; they celebrate the good times together and help each other through the bad.

You can find their closed Facebook Peer Support Group here.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

Survivors Voices

Survivors Voices is a small, national peer-led organisation run by and for adult survivors of abuse and inter-personal trauma* and those who support them. The power of turning our traumatic experiences into something that creates good in the world is central to our existence. We seek individuals, organisations and professional training bodies who will work collaboratively with us, hear us, learn from our expertise and stand alongside us as we seek to transform society’s response to abuse and trauma. If you share our vision, please get in touch.


The Drop In Bereavement Centre

The Drop In Bereavement Centre provides ongoing help and support for bereaved individuals and families. It aims to assist them in coming to term with bereavement and to help in making a real and sustained difference in the community. The Centre offers one to one and peer group counselling sessions with a range of wellbeing complementary therapies to help individuals address and tackle medical ailments associated with loss.

To minimise social contact under the coronavirus pandemic, the Centre has moved to telephone counselling by appointment only.

Note: this group operates internationally.

  • The Drop In Bereavement Centre
  • 0207 511 6444 (during opening hours only) or 07396 016 523 (out of hours to leave a message)
  • 187 Grange Road,
    London E13 0HA
  • Website URL
  • Email

The Fitness Garden Online

The Fitness Garden is a CIC that aims to grow a healthier and happier community through supporting improvements in health, fitness and mental wellbeing. They have so far hosted workshops to educate and engage local people in activities they may not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience, and have worked with a number of partners including the Wycombe Wanderers and Education Trust, Department of Work and Pensions, Red Kite Community Housing and Buckinghamshire  Mind.

  • The Fitness Garden Online
  • 07846 219 755
  • 4 The Chilterns,
    High Wycombe,
    Bucks HP13 5ES
  • Website URL
  • Email

Time to Talk Mental Health UK 

A private and confidential social media peer to peer support community for adults living with mental health problems; open 24/7; with moderator support 9.00am—10.30pm. Our offer is to support members who live across the United Kingdom.

As a Charity all our volunteers are DBS checked and receive safeguarding training. All volunteers are living with a mental health condition – none of us are practitioners – we listen without judgement or prejudice, we support without question, expectation or obligation and we interact ensuring everyone has the right to be heard.

Together for Mental Wellbeing

Since Together was formed in 1879, they have believed that people with mental health issues have the right and the abilities to lead independent, fulfilling lives as part of their communities. They offer a wide variety of support to help people deal with the personal and practical impacts of mental health issues. The services they provide range from one-to-one support in the community to supported accommodation and making sure people understand and are able to express their needs in their dealings with official bodies. We support regional service user groups and initiatives to ensure the voice of people using our services influences the organisation.


  • Together for Mental Wellbeing
  • 0207 780 7300
  • 12 Old Street London EC1V 9BE
  • Website URL
  • Email

Touch of Love Outreach

Touch of Love Outreach is a group of volunteers who aim to promote the culture of charity as a true way of living out authentic and meaningful lives together in families, communities and societies in order to make the world a better place and attain their destiny in God. They aim to achieve this vision through provision of relief to families in crisis, supporting people who face social isolation and loneliness, and promoting resilience and positive wellbeing for children and young people from these families.

Note: this group operates in Scotland.

Traveller Pride

Traveller Pride is a loose collective made up of Travellers who are LGBT+ who want to provide a platform for their intersectional community. They act as a network that can provide guidance, support and information to make life easier for LGBT Travellers. Their focus is both on local action/solidarity and gaining wider recognition for issues faced by those in this particular intersection.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

Unlock Your You CIC

Unlock Your You are training specialists who provide an exciting opportunity for unemployed young people to gain practical employability and life skills and gain qualifications whilst working together to complete exciting activities. They are working to help reduce antisocial behaviours such as knife crime and youth offending. They also provide mental health support through their free phone line, which is designed to break through stigma judgement and taboo.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

  • Unlock Your You CIC
  • 0800 193 0355
  • Taylor Holme Industry Estate,
    Atherton Way,
    Bacup OL13 0LE
  • Website URL
  • Email


Voiceability work across England to support people who face disadvantage and discrimination to have a voice. They provide advocacy and user involvement services in a number of local authorities. As they have numerous regional offices there are different contact details for each of these, listed at The contact details listed to the right are for their Head Office and the main reception there.

  • VoiceAbility
  • 01223 555800
  • VoiceAbility, Mount Pleasant House, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0RN
  • Website URL
  • Email

Water Search and Rescue Team

The Water Search and Rescue Team is a voluntary search & rescue team working on a call out system 24/7, 365 days a year. Their aim is to provide a response and operational support to the Emergency Services in a range of situations, and specifically those associated with water rescue.

Note: this group operates UK-wide.

  • Water Search and Rescue Team
  • PO Box 397,
    Oxfordshire OX18 9DY
  • Website URL
  • Email


Wish, founded in 1987, is a registered national charity whose mission is to provide long-term, gender-sensitive support and services to women with mental health needs in their journey through the criminal justice and mental health systems and into the community, and to support women to have their voices heard at a policy level.

  • Joyce Kallevik
  • 020 8980 3618
  • 15 Old Ford Street London E2 9PL
  • Website URL
  • Email