The London network

Our work across London has been strengthened with the support of Trust for London over the last five years.  During this time we have been able to do some of the following work:

  • MAD Alliance: drawing on individual and collective experience of 32 members advising the North West London Mental Health and Wellbeing Transformation Board of Commissioners.
  • Kindred Minds BME Service User Manifesto: facilitating consultations and events with local London BME groups to feed in to the development of the Manifesto ‘A Call for Social Justice’.
  • Healthy Lives: leading a study in to improving physical health services for people diagnosed with serious mental illnesses
  • Healthy London Partnership: facilitating input and conducting interviews with people with experience of needing emergency services and support to feed in to London’s section 136 pathway and Health Based Place of Safety specification
  • Synergi Collaborative Centre
  • Sharing news on the website and through the weekly ebulletins.

We have seen the London membership increase to 1020 individuals and 149 groups.

As we know, trauma, deprivation, disadvantage and discrimination affects our mental health. We did not become mental health service users in a vacuum. This is not something that the bio medical model is always good at acknowledging, and so a focus of our work is to link social justice issues and mental health.

Kindred Minds BME mental health service user led Manifesto: A Call for Justice

The Kindred Minds BME Manifesto 'A Call for Social Justice' is completely BME service user led. It gives recommendations on changing the policies and practices that will improve the mental health of Black and Minority Ethnic mental health service users. Here is a link to the Kindred Minds Facebook page.

Thrive London

Thrive London is a citywide movement to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Londoners. It is supported by the Mayor of London and led by the London Health Board partners. The Are we OK London? campaign started an open conversation with Londoners about mental health and wellbeing. As a result, we generated over 420,000 interactions and are now working with partners on several citywide and local projects across London.

Black Thrive

I will also be liaising with Black Thrive. This initiative aims to carry forward the recommendations of the Lambeth Black Mental Health Commission. Earlier this month, I met Black Thrive’s newly appointed Director, Patrick Vernon, to discuss the possibility of NSUN potentially developing some training and support for BME service users in Lambeth to get involved in this programme, as part of NSUN’s role in supporting service user voice.  


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