Commission on Social Security UK

Commission on Social Security UK: Looking for the Call for Solutions? Led by Experts by Experience, the commission is a project set up to find out how the government could make the welfare benefits system better. The Commissioners want to hear thoughts and ideas for a better welfare benefits system – especially from people with experience of the system Read more

Reflections on the Mental Health Act Review

Reflections on the Mental Health Act Review and its recommendations. The points we will be raising as members of teh Mental Health Act review Advisory Group. Read more

Meeting with the Minister for Disabled People

Read our account of a meeting between Sarah Newton MP and six Disabled Peoples' Organisations (DPOs): Inclusion London/the Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance, NSUN, the Equalities National Council, Disability Wales, Independent Living in Scotland and Disability Action Northern Ireland. Read more

Urgent request from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

EHRC call for interviewees for their inquiry into the experiences of disabled people within the criminal justice system. The inquiry will address whether disabled defendants’ needs are identified; what reasonable adjustments, if any, are made; whether there are particular barriers or helpful factors; what recommendations should be put forward. Read more

DPOs joint working internationally

Read about the joint working and co-operation between organisations led by disabled people (DPOs) at an international level. Read more

Shocking abuse at Whorlton Hall

Undercover filming by a reporter for the BBC Panorama Programme has revealed highly offensive attitudes and language about patients amongst Whorlton Hall staff, intimidation and mockery of patients and an unacceptable use of restraint. Read more

Money and Mental Health: The Benefits Assault Course

The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute launched a report about particular difficulties which people with mental health diagnoses/in mental distress have when trying to navigate the benefits system. Read more

Findings and recommendations from the Committee for the UN Convention against Torture (UNCAT)

Committee for the UN Convention against Torture (UNCAT): Read the findings and recommendations and responses to the NSUN submission. Read more

UNCAT Presentation

NSUN contributes to the Examination of the UK Government's Adherence to the UN Convention Against Torture (UNCAT) Read more

User-led groups continue to close

User-led organisations across the country are continuing to close, with the sector even facing a “real threat of extinction”, leading networks have warned this week. Read more

Human Rights and Equality evidence wanted for monitoring of Mental Health Act Code of Practice

Following the Mental Health Act Review, NSUN members and friends are invited to supply evidence relevant to chapter three of the Mental Health Code of Practice (2015), which provides guidance about the use of a human rights and equality approach under the MHA. Read more

The NHS Long Term Plan - focus on prevention

NHS England published the NHS Long Term Plan, setting out how they will make the NHS fit for the future, stating the long-term plan could save up to 500,000 lives over the next decade. Read more

Update: Mental Health Act Review

Here's an update of the contacts made with politicians and TUC members about human rights issues, including those related to the Mental Health Act Review Read more

Launch event for the Mental Health Act Review report

A short report on the launch event for Independent Review of the Mental Health Act final report 6 December 2018. Read more

What does the Mental Health Act Review Actually Recommend?

NSUN has read the final report of the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act, published this week, so you don't have to Read more

An alternative review of the Mental Health Act

The English National Hearing Voices Network (HVN England) is publishing an alternative report, today, to coincide with the launch of the government’s report on its Review of the Mental Health Act. Read more

Mental Health Act Review Summary of Recommendations

Here is a summary of the main recommendations of the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act, our views on the recommendations and some of our work during the process. Read more

Independent Review of the Mental Health Act: NSUN's response

The final report of the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act was published today. The recommendations are steps toward a better situation, but they are only that. At best they improve what is already in place; but they aren’t the end point for the change needed. Read our response. Read more

UN Special Rapporteur makes damning criticism of austerity

'Punitive, mean spirited and callous' - the view of Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, on Britain's austerity policies. Read more

UN Special Rapporteur for Extreme Poverty and Human Rights tours UK

'I have never before received so many submissions in advance of a country visit and I believe this level of engagement indicates a real appetite for a discussion about poverty and human rights in the UK' Read more

SRN seeks new working group members

Following the launch of the SRN Manifesto and review of the future of SRN with NSUN, we are now re-advertising for up to four new members of the SRN Working Group. We are looking for people with a range of different experiences and interests and from different communities to help develop the SRN. The working group meets and communicates online, and the positions are currently voluntary. Read more

NSUN has further concerns about the Mental Health Act Review

Despite a meeting in July between NSUN representatives and the Review Chair and Vice Chairs, little has changed. We continue to have strong misgivings about the Review in human rights terms. NSUN has now written a further letter of strong concern to the Review Chair and Vice Chairs and, this time, is contacting politicians as well. If you agree with our concerns, please support NSUN’s campaign by sending the letter to your MP Read more

New report on the progress of disability rights in the UK

After the damning assessment by UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD Committee) of the failure to protect disabled people’s rights across many areas of life in the UK in August 2017, the UK governments were asked to report back on progress on a number of areas one year on. Read more

Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit - Open Letters

The UK government is hosting a Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London on the 9th and 10th of October, 2018. The Summit aims to “build momentum on global mental health issues such as early intervention, public health, research, tackling stigma, and promoting access to evidence-based services.”. Read the Open Letters to the Organisers, Partners and Delegates of the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit, London Read more