Mental health and disabled people with Learning difficulties (LD) and Autism (ASC)

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The mental health act review and the definition of 'mental disorder'

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Musings on a World Mental Health Day (10 October 2017)

Originally written by Dina Poursanidou for her blog in Asylum magazineRead more

Mental health teams in crisis

Joy Hibbins, who runs a Suicide Crisis Centre primarily set up to support people who do not access other services, reveals that, lately, a lot of of callers who use the traditional mental health system have been contacting her organisation instead of the mental health crisis teams...which take too long to get back to people - if at all.Read more

What should happen when things go wrong?

Martyn Coyle has been an advocacy campaigner for over 15 years. He was recently asked to write a post in light of the review of the Mental Health ActRead more

On power and privacy

In the light of the almost daily revelations about workplace sexual harassment and abuse, peer researcher Alison Faulkner wishes to highlight the devastating impact that sexual abuse as well as the impact of secrecy.Read more

The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters You - crazy wisdom explored

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Art is telling the truth unapologetically

Survivor artist and writer Dolly Sen introduces her book 'DSM 69' which showcases her trademark humour.Read more

I had my 21st birthday in a psychiatric hospital

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I will not recover until the world recovers

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A fierce intellect and pioneer activist - a tribute to Robert Dellar

A compassionate activist, author, artist and comrade, survivor Robert Dellar (1964-2016) touched the lives of many, writes journalist Ruth Hunt.Read more