As part of her work for the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act, Dorothy Gould is trying to collect as many examples as possible of alternatives to detention/sectioning.

Because the Review is drawing primarily on a medical model, she would particularly like to hear of non-medical alternatives, including ones which are user-led and/or stem from black and minority ethnic groups and other particularly disadvantaged groups.

If you are able to help, please can you send information to her at [email protected], using the questions below:

1(a) What alternative services have helped you to avoid detention/sectioning and (b) How did they help you to avoid it?

or 2(a) What alternatives would have helped you to avoid detention/sectioning (if available) and (b) How would they have helped you to avoid it?

3(a) Are there useful alternatives to detention/sectioning which you have heard about from others and (b) If, so, is there information which you can forward about these and their benefits?