Dawn Willis has an extensive background in both working within mental health services and as a campaigner at local and national level. Having been previously part of the governance structure of Rethink Mental Illness on the South West regional committee she was a national lead on ‘The Hardest Hit’ campaign; delivered ‘The Fair Treatment Now’ petition to Downing Street and was heavily involved in Lord Keith Bradley’s report into the treatment of mentally ill people within the criminal justice system. She was the winner of Rethink Mental Illness’ Pringle Award for campaigning, and a runner up in the MIND Media Awards. Dawn describes herself as a social media fanatic. She has a large twitter following using her handle @quinonostante which she says is pronounced (qui-nono-stante) and loosely translated means ‘here, in spite of’ -  a reference to feeling she’s lucky to still be around following her chaotic earlier life and ongoing experiences with bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Dawn co-authored the document ‘Responsible Reform: Changes to Disability Living Allowance’ as part of the Spartacus Group of professionals concerned about the cumulative impact on sick and disabled people by the proposed changes from DLA (Disability Living Allowance) to PIP (Personal Independence Payments). Her dream is that one day, service provision will be completely managed and operated by people with lived experience, and that there will be no organisations bringing along their ‘token service user’ to validate themselves at mental health events.