Daisy has experienced Mental Health inequalities since the age of 21. Despite the early onset of 'psychosis,' she completed her Law Degree, graduating in 2006. She now considers herself a ‘Recovery Champion’ in formation.

Daisy is a published academic in Mental Health, through her involvement in the early phases of the Severn and Wye Recovery College establishment. She works as an 'Expert by Experience' in 2Gether NHS Foundation Trust, where she is currently most involved in their ‘Time to Change’ pilot workshops. These train staff within the NHS Trust not to discriminate or stigmatise against their Service Users.

Daisy further sits on the Public Health and Social Welfare, Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Steering Group in Gloucestershire. This position connects to her being a panel member for Revolving Doors Agency, a London-based charity which works towards protecting vulnerable people, from the Criminal Justice System.

Daisy is a Rainbow Seichim Reiki Master. She practices Energy Healing outside of work. Daisy is initiated as a Deshei [nun] in Japanese Shingon Buddhism, which she also continues to practice. Her passion is helping people to be 'compassion in action' through our unique lifetimes, which she considers to be Journeys of Love.