Amy Rushton is an interdisciplinary researcher and writer on mental distress, critical thinking and creative work. Amy’s professional background is in academic research and teaching in UK Higher Education; she is currently a Lecturer in English at Nottingham Trent University and has taught at universities across London and Manchester. Amy is a long-term mental health service user-survivor and uses her platform as a researcher and teacher to advocate for mental health-related rights and justice. As a queer woman, Amy has direct experience of how mental health services can emphasise ‘normalcy’ and cause further alienation and distress. Her current research project investigates how current writing by user-survivors around the world questions and resists the dominant story about the ongoing global mental health ‘crisis’. To date, she has published three peer-reviewed research papers as part of her new project and leads the World Literature Network’s research cluster on World Literature and Mental Health (details of relevant publications and research cluster can be found here).