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Call out to international contributors to celebrate German Mental Health Survivor's 100th birthday

A peer-controlled project is calling for contributions to a book for Dorothea Buck on the occasion of her 100th birthday.

Who is Dorothea Buck?

Dorothea Buck is Germany’s pioneering survivor activist, author, influential advocate. She was co-creator of the trialogue and co-founder of the German national organisation of users/ survivors of psychiatry.  You can watch  Dorothea in a short interview in 2016 – with English subtitles

Dorothea Buck was awarded several highly regarded prizes, has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences and has gained high respect and recognition including from the psychiatric elite.

However, the reception of her work by the media and psychiatrists in Germany show a certain reductionism: they tend to receive her mainly as a survivor of “Nazi psychiatry” and ignore her criticism of post-war psychiatry as well. Thus, in her memories, Dorothea stated that she thought of herself as lucky not to have been a patient in the era of neuroleptics since these would have made her successful path to “self-discovery” impossible.

The book is called '100 voices on psychosis as self discovery'

Who can contribute and what can they write about?

Everyone who has experienced “psychosis as self-discovery” is invited to contribute. This experience may be affirmative or skeptical, optimistic or sad, an expression of fulfillment or of unfulfilled hope —however, it should be a personal account or standpoint and avoid generalizations about the experiences of others. Each statement or account should cover no more than 1 page, i.e. about 3.500 characters. Shorter contributions are welcome too.

Would you like to add to the book being compiled to celebrate Dorothea? The survivor-editors are inspired by and grateful to the survivors/ users of psychiatry and allies from European as well as other countries who already submitted texts and poems. They would be delighted to receive more international contributions. Elena Demke, who speaks excellent English, is glad to assist all interested authors. Please contact Elena at elena.demke@posteo.de

Please provide Elena with some contact details with your emailed contribution, so she can keep you posted concerning the progress of the work and the publishing date. for those who wish to publish under a pseudonym, please discuss this with Elena.

Depending  on  the  number  of  contributions  received,  the editors  may  decide  to  print  English  contributions in the original, or provide German translations. Each contributor will receive a free copy of the complete book

Please note that the editors would like to complete the project by end of July 2017 so please reply ASAP. Thank you very much in advance.

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