NSUN network for mental health is an independent, service-user-led charity that connects people with experience of mental health issues to give us a stronger voice in shaping policy and services.

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Members' Manifesto

Developed in 2015 in advance of the general election, we took the Top Ten issues and built on members' priority issues from further polling and the annual members' meeting. This will ne be reviewed and updated annually.

Download the members' Manfesto 2015 here.

Annual members' survey

NSUN members continue to have a positive perception of NSUN and feel connected to a wider network. Members reported being more aware of their rights and of opportunities to get involved with a high percentage of people taking up opportunities. Members value NSUN's ability to share and communicate information through the weekly bulletin, website and social media but still want to see NSUn improve its regional presence and representation.
You can read the summary report here.

Some of the things members most valued about NSUN were the weekly ebulletins and the sense of solidarity within the newtork. One of the most important aspects of having the national network was seen to be the user-led ethos. One area members wanted to see improved was our local work and regional presence.
You can read the summary report here.

The 2013 membership survey was completed by 180 people. Perception of NSUN continues to be positive with 80% of respondants saying they had a good opinion of us. Members expressed concerns or / and interest in specific areas such as access to treatment, stigma, peer support, the recognition of carers, involvement, the welfare reforms and challenging the medical model.
You can read the full evaluation of the membership survey here.

You can also read what the Top Ten issues drawn from the survey was here.

Feedback from the survey has helped us to focus on specific areas that the members want to see improved or developed. Having secured a further three years funding it is important that members views contribute to future work. You can read the summary report here.
You can also download a list of members' top 20 issues from the 2012 survey here.

Over 100 members completed the 2011 members' survey. During a year of growth it was important that members continue to shape the organisation. You can read the summary report here.

NSUN conducted a members' survey in 2010, 95 members responded. Members’ views were incorporated into NSUN’s 2011-2016 strategy.
Read the summary report here.

Download NSUN's Theoretical Framework and  Methodology for Qualitative Research paper.

Independent evaluation

Comic Relief commissioned an independent evaluation of NSUN in September 2010. 

As NSUN entered its fourth year Comic Relief felt it was the right time to understand the challenges that NSUN has encountered in setting up an England wide network, the actions it has taken to respond to these and the progress it has made against its aims. It was also important to understand the extent to which NSUN has been able to deliver against its core aims and  activities.

Most importantly, the evaluation sought to establish if there was an ongoing need for an England wide network and, if so, what its broad remit should be and how the current context of the mental health sector would affect that.

The report presented a majority view from stakeholders that, ‘in these uncertain and changing times the need for NSUN is greater than ever’.

You can download the full report and executive summary below.


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Watch and listen to what some of our members have to say in a short video clip. 

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If you're not happy with any aspect of the NSUN team's work or you feel our work is not inline with the mission and aims of the organisation, then you have the right to complain, have your complaint investigated, and be given a full and prompt reply.

You can download the NSUN Complaints Policy here.