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Talking about night terrors

Night terrorsNSUN member Judith Haire would like to hear about people who, like her, experience night terrors. This is not formal research but a wish to start a conversation. Here is an extract from Judith's post on her website:

'The first time I experienced a night terror I could hear screaming.   It took me some time to realise the screams were coming from me.   I leapt out of bed and was sobbing uncontrollably.  In other night terrors I was shouting “get off me get off me” “he’s going to get me” There was a rising panic.  Sufferers report a feeling of extreme fright, of falling, of choking, of dying, of being unable to breathe. Heart rate increases.   I am told what I am shouting out: I am unaware.

Night terrors are much more serious than dreams; sufferers can kick, strike out violently, even injure themselves during the sleep cycle.  Sufferers can leave their homes without waking up but will have no recollection the next morning.'

You are invited to share your experiences by commenting below Judith's full post here

You can comment confidentially using a pen name.


Thousands over the cuckoo's nest

NSUN member Hannah McDonald invites you to contribute to her anti stigma project 'Thausands over the cuckoo's nest'. 

Thausands over the cuckoo's nest - nsun member project








Hannah says:

"For the past eight years I have suffered from a very severe and enduring Mental Illness. I have felt ashamed of it but not anymore and I would like to raise awareness of Mental Health. We all have Mental Health and it's something I feel needs to be talked about.

My crazy idea is for people to make birds no bigger than 15cm/15cm and they can be any bird using any medium. For example, using paper by making origami birds, fabric, wool, wood, etc. I want people to have the freedom to make their birds how they want because we are all beautiful, unique individuals.

Depending on whether his idea takes off I will try to get a gallery to display the birds in long lines to raise awareness and to try to remove stigma. Please take a photo of your bird and post it on the Facebook page and send it to:

Hannah MacDonald, West London Collaborative, 2 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London W6 9DX"