NSUN network for mental health is an independent, service-user-led charity that connects people with experience of mental health issues to give us a stronger voice in shaping policy and services.

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Survivors History Group

The group meets Together 12 Old Street on the last Wednesday of the month from 1pm-5pm. Everyone is welcome.  

The forthcoming meetings will cover the following topics:

  • Wednesday 29.3.2017  Remembering the lives of Dina Ibrahim (1982- 2017) and Robert Dellar (1964- 2016).
  • Wednesday 31.5.2017 The survivor heritage in archives, websites, plaques, museums and art collections - a discussion led by Sarah Chaney, who has been very actively promoting the issues.
  • Wednesday 26.7.2017 Rose Gardens: Alternative dreams and realities - A discussion based on Searching for a Rose Garden: challenging psychiatry, fostering Mad Studies - a collection of articles edited by Jasna Russo and Angela Sweeney. Volunteers needed to read and prepare.
  • Wednesday 27.9.2017 The history and future of Welfare and participation - A discussion based on Peter Beresford's book All Our Welfare
  • There is also a special event in Hackney on Sunday 7.5.2017 recalling the early history of Mental Patients Union there.

If you wish to attend please inform Andrew Roberts studymore@studymore.org.uk
telephone: 020 8 986 5251 / mobile 07505527755