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NIP questionnaire

As part of consultation events which took place during 2013, NIP provided the opportunity for people to contribute to the development of the national involvement standards via a questionnaire or telephone interview.

This questionnaire was part of the National Involvement Partnership work to develop standards for service user and carer involvement, entitled Involvement for Influence - Influencing for Improvement.

NIP gathered views from around the country and compiled a report about your experiences and opinions around influencing services and support.

The goals were:  

  • Network with diverse service users and carers with involvement experience
  • Record & explore peoples’ involvement experiences
  • Understand what motivates people to do involvement work
  • Establish what enables good involvement to happen

This helped NIP to:

  • Create an aspirational network of service users and carers to share good practice
  • Spread awareness of what positive involvement means for different communities, across different organisations and sectors
  • Highlight the need for involvement activities to include a well-being approach at all levels
  • Develop national standards for involvement, which will help organisations and projects to undertake meaningful involvement work

People responded using this questionnaire which was returned to Involvement Coordinator Raza Griffiths, and a report was compiled in 2013.

If you wish to have a phone conversation with Raza concerning this process and the reports produced (available below) you can call him on 020 7820 8982.

Please note that Raza works part time and you may have to leave contact details with someone else before he can call you back - our Office Manager, volunteers and colleagues will be happy to pass on a message. If you do not feel comfortable leaving details with someone you do not know, you can email Raza: Raza.Griffiths@nsun.org.uk


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